Little People Praise God Too: Psalm 150 for Kids, by Lynn Calvin

Little People Praise God Too is an exciting, energetic, interactive story of a multicultural, abled and disabled class learning about praising God. The class affectionately known as the Prāz Gang has questions about who, where, why, and how do they praise God.

Praise the Lord! shouts Shabach.

After Shabach and the remaining Prāz gang members learn about praising God, they show their teacher, Ms. Prazer what they learned by acting out what she taught them about praising God. Come, learn, and praise God with the Prāz gang! It is the author’s prayer that this book will inspire children of all races, abled, or disabled to praise God, thus denoting Psalm 150:6, Let everything that have breath praise the Lord!

I Have Two Daddies : An Earthly Daddy and A Heavenly Daddy, by Lynn Calvin

This is a story of a little girl who tells of the love she experiences through the relationships with her earthly and Heavenly Daddies. She describes her two daddies and the love they show her. She invites you to have a Heavenly Daddy that loves you so much by offering to share her Heavenly Daddy with you. Listen to this happy little girl as she talks to you about her two daddies.

Activities are presented at the end of the book for the children to complete.

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